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About Kalifos

The place-to-be for Creatives that want to find their unique identity and effortlessly build a successful business & life around it.


Kalifos-Greek Island Effortless Living [GIEL], emerged from the light of the Greek islands. It is an idea based on the values of freedom, creativity, abundance and joy. It is aimed at women who want to express themselves and create freely, to feel successful internally and externally, and to enjoy life.

A carefree and unpretentious way of life, a resemblance of life in Cyclades, for the purpose of empowerment, liberation and professional integration.

By combining a long-standing experience in a creative setting and the art of personal development, we have created Life & Business Coaching pioneering programs to help modern female designers transform and develop their professional life.

Kalifos Embodies Freedom, Abundance,
Creativity & Joy

Popi Dimitropoulou, through her expertise and experience aims to help creative woman in an unpretentious manner.

We aspire to build a community of inspired and driven women who want to grow in their personal and professional lives.

Promoting and Empowering Artists and Designers Launched in 2017, Kalifos creative shop provides a platform for emerging and established contemporary and modern designers.

It has built a loyal and committed following for their artistic and elegant handmade lifestyle products. The designers and artists aspire to conjure an effortless Greek island spirit into your everyday lives. As an Iconic Greek luxury brand, each product is curated with the finest material that adds ethereal sophistication to your everyday life.

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Popi Dimitropoulou

Your Creative Coach


About Popi...

Popi Dimitropoulou is the creator of Kalifos-Greek Island Effortless Living [GIEL].

As a Creative Business Coach, Popi works mainly with women creators and entrepreneurs from Greece and abroad. Having experience in personal and work challenges, she empowers and inspires her clients to overcome obstacles and to play a leading role in their lives and their businesses.

Her Vision is to help women to liberate their locked power through creativity, to achieve success in personal and professional life.

Her ability to see the artistic and creative talent that every woman hides inside her and the natural ability to unlock it, combined with the admiration for the wisdom offered by the lifestyle of the Greek Islands, inspired Popi to create a platform for communication, guidance and education to steer through specific technical actions and practical tools, towards a happier life and a successful career.

She is the author of the eBook: "9 Destinations for success".

Associated Certified Professional Coach (Rayner Institute), with extensive experience in cultural institutions and arts. Popi specializes in Appreciative Inquiry method (AI Method), a model that seeks out the best in people, organizations and their environments. Has over 15 years of experience in the field of culture and arts and the last 4 years, works with individuals and companies as a Business Coach. Popi has conducted over 1,000 coaching sessions at individual and corporate level. Is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities of EAP (Hellenic Open University) and Rayner Institute of Canada.

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I 'm here to guide you to success!

xx Popi