The Silk Town of Greece


A town made of Silk

in Greece



Did you know that Greece has a town of silk?

Yes, it's true, a centre of silk production at the northeast part of Greece,  in the center of Evros region, lays Soufli.

A small town that in the late 19th century was recognized as an important craft center, due to a unique flourishing industry for silkworm rearing for the production of silk.

Silk production in Soufli has a long history dating back to Byzantium. Soufli is the only town in Greece involved in silkworm rearing and processing of yarn taken from the cocoon. Silk produced in town of Soufli is considered one of the finest qualities and texture. 

Today, local people, fashion and design brands are trying to bring Greek silk, back to the forefront of fashion and industry.

Our silk scarf collection is proudly produced at one of the oldest silk manufacturers in the town of Soufli.

 Kalifos aims to support local craftsmen and contribute to traditional rare techniques that tend to disappear.

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