Trampoline Beach Towel by Rhodesign

Trampoline Beach Towel by Rhodesign


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The trampoline design is inspired by the Rhodope trampoline. A scuba diving course, it is a special landmark for both visitors and residents of Rhodes island.

Microfibre & Cotton

80x160 cm

Made in Greece



Rhodesign® represents a special category of projects.

It was created in 2015 at Rhodes. It’s a range of products and collections that appeal to all lovers of Greece. In our lab we like to experiment with design, materials and construction techniques on a wide range of projects. Graphic design, fashion and functionality are combined in all our products. Our inspiration derives from the unique vibrancy of our country, our historical heritage, the colors and multitude of landscapes, the beauty of diverse cultures, architecture, the creativity and mentality of its people.

Our philosophy is to promote sustainability in our designs, to produce things locally, to oversee and participate in the entire process of preparation, to create quality designs with meaning. We always insist on details and we are not afraid to experiment with new ideas. In a slow and solid way we try to fulfill our inspirations and dreams.


In Rhodesign® we like to combine contemporary techniques with handcrafted work, we collaborate with local producers and all our products are 100% made in Greece.

Our products, through selected stores, have found their place in many Greek islands and also in Europe, and we are happy of managing to establish a net of content clients and friends.

Our aim is to become more extroverts. So feel free to be our guests!!

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