A Charcoal Soap by Sabbath

A Charcoal Soap by Sabbath


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A Mediterranean awakening of the senses.

A soap with activated carbon, absorbs skin toxins and cleanses in depth. Suitable for oily skin with acne.

Contains: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba, activated charcoal, tea tree and lemon essential oils.





Sabahat - Sabbath Soaps

Soap making began for us in 2013, making the first small batch of soap for our own use. Then they were tried by relatives and friends who asked us second and third.So we found ourselves looking for information about oils, finding excellent quality raw materials, creating recipes, making soap.

There were few times when they were thrown because they did not succeed or we did not like it. The times, however, that we were impressed were much more, so we continued to experiment. And that's how we get to today, having created a range of natural handmade products made with excellent quality raw materials, in order to offer first to ourselves and then to you what is more natural for your daily body care. Soaps are made using the traditional cold method process to preserve all the nutrients offered by the raw materials. Hand-made, hand-cut and hand-rolled. Handmade beginning to the end. My name is Sabahat and I welcome you to the Sabbath Soaps.