Ikaria Towel by Thalassa Home

Ikaria Towel by Thalassa Home


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The Ikaria's blue and black striped pattern brings to mind the remote, rustic corners of the Dodecanese. A simple, classic design woven from raw cotton.

  • 100% Turkish cotton

  • Structured flat weave that becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash

  • Lightweight and quick-drying

  • 100 x 190 cm


Juliet & Cem - Thalassa Home

We are Juliet and Cem, an American / Turkish couple who set off on our joint adventure many years ago from New York. In the interest of cultivating a more Mediterranean lifestyle, we absconded to Istanbul, where we soon established an annual tradition of sailing the Aegean sea. It was there, exploring the Aegean region and culture, immersed in their exceptionally healthy, ancient way of life, that we encountered the best version of ourselves. In the Aegean, slow living is the natural order. Their traditions - from their seasonal homegrown cuisine, to their age-old methods of craftsmanship, to their particular conception of time - are for us a source of endless inspiration, and a motivation for better living. The Aegean aesthetic typifies another of our passions: clean, practical design. We're avid seekers of quality and versatility, of timeless and traditional handcrafted products. Most of all, we are travellers and sea lovers. When we travel, we pack light: we want easy-to-carry, effortlessly chic pieces from which we'll get a lot of use. After five years in Turkey, we moved on to Rome, from where we continue our Aegean adventures. Thalassa Home was established as part of our efforts to take a piece of the Aegean with us, everywhere we go.