Talking about Creativity & Business

3 Secrets on how you should introduce yourself as a Creative for professional success!



One of the first things I work with my clients in the Creative Business Coaching programs is the way they introduce themselves as professionals.

Most people working as creators have difficulty in introducing themselves properly, as far as their profession is concerned.

Why is this happening?

Usually creators, as free spirits they are, they deal with many different things. For example, a fashion blogger could also be making jewelry, a painter could be working as a graphic designer, a Life Coach could be a writer, an architect could be making interior design items and so on.

Creativity is inexhaustible and has innumerable applications in different areas, and describing it briefly to a person is actually a challenge.

I still remember the first time I was trying to explain exactly what a life coach does and that I'm not a psychologist or a counselor or a psychoanalyst. One ff the funniest moments in my career was when I had to explain to my best friend's father what my actual job is... (!)

So, why is it important to be able to introduce yourself effectively in professional situations?

It is important because it offers you a specific context within which you feel confident to easily describe what you are doing. Moreover, whenever you introduce yourself and talk about your job, you increase the chances of intriguing your interlocutor to learn more about you and potentially becoming a new customer or creating a new interesting collaboration.

One of the main marketing rules is this: the more communicative you are, the more your services or products become known and boost the chances of success.

There are 3 simple secrets to talk about your work and to introduce yourself as a professional creator in the most authentic way.

# 1 Authenticity

Talk about who you are and what you are doing while being an original you. You express freely when you create, don’t you? Well, do the same when you are talking or when you are introducing yourself professionally. Authenticity stands out and attracts people. Especially now, in a world with too much information, the primitive human tendency to seek authenticity is more intense than ever.

Note: If you are more introverted, you do not have to externalize more than you want.

# 2 My What & Why

To be able to support your authenticity, you must have a very clear picture of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

So, make something simple, write down the words "WHY" and "WHAT" in capital letters and answer the following two questions:

-Why do I create?

-What do I create (or What am I offering)?

(this exercise will empower you to gain clarity about your professional identity)

# 3 My Business Identity

Here you will need your creative skills. Take a piece of paper or design a business card on your computer (you can make it the way you prefer).

After you create the artwork, fill your name on the front. Based on what you have noted (why & what), which property would you fill in under your name? Play with the words. When you feel you have found it, then you are ready to conquer any interlocutor and surprise yourself with this small and at the same time important discovery.

Success can come in a simple and natural way, the point is to be ready to begin.