"I've transformed into a better, more successful person with Popi's help. Before I was uncertain and hiding who I really was, but with Popi's perspective and advice, I've become someone that I'm really proud of. She shared what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I even saw my business grow 56% while we worked together. Amazing things happen when you have the right person coaching you through the obstacles of your journey. I hope to work with Popi again whenever my head starts getting in the way of my heart!"

Rachel S., Writer [Dallas, USA]


I reached out to Popi when I was at a point in my career where I felt completely burnt out: I was undercharging for my services (as a photographer), putting too much time into operational things, and too little in my business's development. The result was to feel completely demotivated, undertaking projects that did not fulfill me and did not represent who I was.

With Popi I pressed the "restart" button! I built my confidence again, I found my focus and vision, and built a business that truly expresses who I am. I now only undertake projects that speak to my heart, I have a new pricing policy and this whole transition in my life was made thanks to Popi. She supported me throughout the journey in her unique way, and I cannot thank her enough. 

Stephanie J., Photographer [London]


"Coaching with Popi has helped me gain confidence in myself and provided me with the clarity I needed to make a major shift in my career. Her open and caring nature has helped me feel comfortable sharing what was going on in my life and I always felt understood and supported. If you are looking to create change in your life, I highly recommend you give coaching with Popi a try."

Patti Paccagnan RN, ΒΝ, ACC

Wellness Coaching  &  Consulting, [Calgary, Canada]


"If we went in time 12 months back, I'd say I was in a swamp. The ones we see in the movies. Dark. Foggy. And I am helpless to find salvation or even help. Today I feel like I'm in the most beautiful and colorful plain on earth. While I now have the freedom to welter in the grass and touch what they say "happiness ". What's changed? First I met creative coaching through Popi's eyes. At first I thought it was another American invention that contained exaggeration, promises and selling dreams. From the second appointment however (I do not exaggerate), it seemed that my life began to change. For me, my main concern was to find happiness. And to achieve that, I had to change jobs and improve my relationships through my own self-improvement. Since then I was working on a specific and very rigorous program, with shifts, concepts like spontaneity had passed into second place. So with the coach we worked, through a series of tests, on what would suit me most. It was obvious. I love words, the internet and music. So, now it was finally obvious! Blogging!
Now, I am writing at ihappy.gr and at the same time preparing my own personal blog. Plus, on Wednesdays, just after midnight, i have my own radio show with film music at amagiradio.com. I have more free time to see the people I have chosen to be with, and I can say, after certainty, that my quality of life has risen dramatically. I feel creative, productive and therefore happy. If I could make the journey of creative coaching from the beginning I would have, already packed my suitcases. "

Valisia Vyza, [Blogger, radio producer]

"There are moments when you feel you can't dream , unable to change, powerless to act. Moments requiring  support , guidance and "reason".  A gift that I owe to myself and you Popi gave it to me because you are so gifted . Thank you so much!"

Katia M. [Photo Artist]


"And as they say, people meet for some reason... or may not!I met Popi, certainly not by chance and definitely to help me change the way I see my life, my choices and my dreams! Popi helped me reinforce my confidence and feel strong. Now i know that i’m not on my own and that I have the strength to follow and make my dreams come true!I always had the power but didn’t know it. Popi showed me the way to find it again! I would probably never discover it again without Popi’s support or maybe i would but very late. Thank you Popi! I’m grateful! "

Christina V. [Fashion Blogger]


"When unexpected events turned my life upside down, I started to lose my self control, my independence and my creativity. I felt everything led to a dead end. That is, until my first meeting with Kalliopi. I suddenly felt as if she shook me saying «Wake up! You’re asleep and life is waving goodbuy!». Her positive energy and her faith in optimism were the driving force to the changes I am accomplishing in my life.

The feeling of power you get from Creative Coaching is unique."

Constantina E.  [Publisher]


" For me, Creative Coaching started out as my weekly pick me up shot of positive energy and ended up transforming me. The way I perceive myself, my job and my life has changed and consequently the way others perceive me changed also. It’s no coincidence that everywhere I go people ask me what I’ve done to look prettier and if I’m in love. But the most concrete example is that I’ve received 4 new job offers in one month, something unimaginable in the times we are living and it’s certainly no coincidence because repeated coincidence stops being a coincidence. The most special chapter of Creative Coaching is my coach Popi. Her ability to transfer so much energy to me and help me own a different way of thinking, is one of a kind. But her most substantial gift is her empathy! Popi, I really want to thank you for this journey of ours."

Katerina N. [Interior designer]


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