Successful Living Should be Effortless!  

The idea of Kalifos ...

For me, travelling to the Cyclades Islands, is returning to my own paradise. The sunlight, the turquoise color of the sea, the strong wind, the leisurely rhythms of the people and the simplicity of life there, make me feel that I am in a perfect harmony.

So imagine breathing the air of the sea and telling yourself:

Yes, everything is possible! What I wish, dream and want to create, I can do it.

For this purpose, I created KALIFOS-Greek Island Effortless Living, to convey this inner power offered by the Greek islands.

Because I deeply believe, successful living should be effortless.

But how? you will ask.

Success does not need to be a continuously strenuous effort, but instead it can come as the simplest thing in the world, as a natural way of being.

I will give you an example on how simply success may come. In a session with a fashion blogger, we talked about the "blue days" she was experiencing. Because of this, she confessed that some days she felt overwhelmed and detached from creativity and success. So, we worked on how, you can stay authentic and creative through a bad day. In the end of the session she decided to write about it, and so it happened. She wrote a very genuine post about how "blue days" can be your co-creator in creativity. Her post "spoke" straight to the heart of her readers with great success. After that, she gained great recognition in her field and began to get invites to talk about it and now she is writing her new book.

Creativity is your most important ally on the journey of success. Once you trust creativity and allow yourself to express it, then everything changes. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to discover those jewels—that’s creative living.”

Success has a different definition for everyone . Professional recognition and money for some, others define it as the feeling of fulfillment in all aspects of life, while others define success as the contribution in making our world better, and so on.

And, what should I do to gain success in a natural and simple way?

For that to happen, you have to know very well who you are and what you want from life.

Success is a process and begins with knowing thyself. So, reveal your talents, explore your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Define precisely what you want to create and live with a purpose. Then just take action.

Discover your unique treasures and bring them to the surface, that’s the definition of successful creative living.

5 questions that can help you discover your own definition of success and then get into action towards fulfillment.



1. What does success mean to me?


To help you answer this, I share my own short, personal definition of success:

“To me, success means to be able to express myself freely, to constantly create new things, to live happily with my family and spend time with my beloved friends, to have financial abundance, to support my clients in the most effective way, to travel to the islands and the world, to feel full and happy with my life and every night when I go to sleep, say to myself " today was beautiful, thank you".

2. Ιf all that you desire, can become your reality in a magical way, what 5 things would you change immediately?

(Think of five areas that you want to improve in your professional and personal life.)

3. What are 5 creative ways you would use to accomplish them?

(Let yourself be free and be in the energy that everything is possible. What would you do then, what steps or actions?)

4. Who or what can help you succeed?

5. Imagine that everything has come true, how do you feel now?


Always remember that life is full of infinite possibilities and you can choose what you want to invite in your life, success, love, professional development, more creativity or economic prosperity, or all of them.


xx Popi