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When I first saw the Rhodesign creations, I felt like these designers had something different. Their futuristic look combined with the architectural design of their products offer a subversive result.

The natural materials they use, transfigure their objects into an aesthetic and sensory delight. We talked with Theodora and Lefteris, creators of Rhodesign®, about creativity, how they started their business and why they chose to stay in Greece and start their company.


Sabahat -Sabbath Soaps

The moment I met Sabahat, 3 years ago at a beloved friend's house, during a women's gathering, I immediately felt that I wanted to know more about her. Relaxed by her authentic aura and her relationship to natural materials. Then I met her products, which every time I use them reminds me of a childhood I once knew, that of joy, carelessness and intense sense of nature.

We talk with Sabahat from Sabbath Soaps, about creativity, about what inspired her to start her business, what difficulties she encountered and what she is dreaming about.


Maria Loukia Mitrakou - Mulumu

Maria-Louκia is one of the people I admire. A unique personality, with an intense artistic dimension and multi-talented. Visual artist and creator, is one of the most authentic and positive persons I have ever met.

Every creation of Mulumu is a journey to the colors and bright energy of the Greek islands. We talk with Maria-Loukia about Mulumu, about creativity, about what inspires her on the island that she lives, and how she wants women to feel when they wear her jewels.

Tara Atsalis Gundersen.jpg

Tara Atsalis Gundersen-Taradise

Although we only met with Tara through the digital “cosmos”of Instagram, I instantly felt how passionately is, as she ran me through the world of her unique concept store “Taradise” in Florida. I spoke with her about her Greek heritage, about how the non Greeks respond to the Mediterranean collection of Taradise, about her dreams and her favorite islands.


Juliet & Cem-Thalassa Home

Juliet & Cem founders of Thalassa Home.

What a brand; I'm searching for the perfect way to describe them, and how their interview made me feel. The only words that are coming to me are, creative, passionate, and so deeply, deeply, authentic people.

Travelers and free spirits, with a genuine love for that particular lifestyle of the Aegean, where slow living is the natural order; they have created a brand inspired by beauty of the Mediterranean. We talk with Juliet and Cem about their life, their brand and they are sharing some great tips on how to create a successful business.