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Tara Atsalis -Taradise

Although we only met with Tara through the digital “cosmos”of Instagram, I instantly felt how passionately is, as she ran me through the world of her unique concept store “Taradise” in Florida. I spoke with her about her Greek heritage, about how the non Greeks respond to the Mediterranean collection of Taradise, about her dreams and her favorite islands.


Tara, where do you live, who are your favorite people, and where are you from?

I live in North Palm Beach in the southern region of Florida, United States. I would have to say my favorite people will always be my family, husband and close friends. Many of mycustomers are my favorites too! I am originally from the state of Ohio and moved to Florida for college in 2008.

Can you tell me more about Taradise? What can we find at your beautiful shop?

Taradise is a speciality boutique inspired by my Greek heritage. I have family in Chios Island. At Taradise, you may find a selection of 25 made in Greece designers and products. Jewelry, resortwear, organic skincare and decor to just name a few of our categories!

Can you remember how the idea of Taradise started and what prompted you to create it?

The idea of Taradise started while I was based in Miami, on the key there. I came upon several jewelry pieces my mom had given me from her trip to Greece several years ago. The pieces were just nothing you would see on the market and anything similar just did not have the same beauty as these. I began a “mood board” and starting collecting all my ideas of a “Taradise Collection” and what I would want it to look like. I was able to create several Taradise looks and accessories, and had them photographed on Five Star Island in Miami Beach for my first lookbook. I took my first trip to Greece that summer, traveling through Athens meeting designers, jewelry making and getting a full tour of Chios, including the mastic farms. I immediately knew I wanted to open a concept store in the states with a reflection of Chios in mind.

What is your purpose and what message do you want to convey to your customers?

My purpose of Taradise is to give an authentic Greek shopping experience with mastic products focused on wellness & beauty. I want my customers to become educated on the history of mastic, how rare it is and the benefits. The message I want to convey to my customers is at Taradise you can go home with a little piece of Greece.


How your customers have responded to the Greek products (specially the non Greeks)? Any, particular story to share?

I love this question. My customers are my reason, they have responded so genuinely and supportive, specially the non Greeks, most of my customers all have a connection to Greece most of the time and it usually comes with a good story! Taradise has a way of making you feel good right when you walk in seeing the first elements of blue and ancient Greek symbols. You can actually stop for a minute and just take in the natural beauty of the gifts throughout the store, it really does take you to your own Greek Island. When the store had just recently opened I had a customer begin to tear up just seeing the name on of our products that they were familiar with as a child growing up in Greece. It made them that happy just seeing it again!

How do you choose the products and the designers for Taradise?

I choose the products and designers for Taradise mostly through referral. For example, designers and brands I met or discovered while I traveled through Greece the first time, I have kept those business relationships year after year. Additionally, we add new products and designs by the inquiries we now receive on a regular basis. If a lookbook or product that catches my attention, I most certainly will buy for the store and most of the time we will receive a sample from the company to ensure quality.

Where you see yourself personally and professionally after 5 years?

I see myself personally after 5 years enjoying my family and lifestyle here in Florida. Professionally after 5 years, I see Taradise in a Resort & Spa.

Tell us about your favorite Greek island? Any memory to share?

My favorite Greek Island is Chios! My best memory is spending time with my cousin Anthi and her introducing me to her friends there. I gifted each one of them a Taradise bracelet! That night we all wore them out, I will never forget how amazing their support felt and still is.

How do you apply Greek Island Effortless Living to your life and business. How can women through Taradise Shop experience this feeling?

I apply Greek Island Effortless Living to my life by incorporating the products Taradise promotes into my daily life- I cook with mastiha and only use the full line of mastiha cosmetics from Chios. I also style myself wearing the mati accessories mostly, it is my fashion staple and I love bringing the trends here before the American market. Dressing in Grecian is effortless and can make a woman feel incredible. For business I stay relevant, I keep Taradise authentic, sticking to our purpose and why we started a unique, branded, destination retail store. Women can experience Greek island effortless living through Taradise by enjoying a facial in our beauty room or take home a unique garment or accessory to wear with them.

Women also find our amulets and pillows perfect for making their home feel like a Greek Island.

You can see Taradise Collection Here!



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