Maria Loukia Mitrakou - Mulumu

Maria-Louκia is one of the people I admire. A unique personality, with an intense artistic dimension and multi-talented. Visual artist and creator, is one of the most authentic and positive persons I have ever met.

Every creation of Mulumu is a journey to the colors and bright energy of the Greek islands. We talk with Maria-Loukia about Mulumu, about creativity, about what inspires her on the island that she lives, and how she wants women to feel when they wear her jewels.


Maria Loukia, where do you live and who are your favorite people ?

Right now I live in Kos island. My beloved people are my partner and my friends and of course my family who support me, and those who say good morning to me with a smile!

Can you remember how the idea of Mulumu started and what prompted you to deal professionally with it?

Since i was a kid, i really enjoyed creating things. Somehow within the years, I found ways to present my creations and later to sell them. The truth is that for a long time i was doing different things in my life at the same time, so i was experiencing difficulties to complete a project. Maybe I was afraid of failure. Today, however, I feel more confident about myself and with small steps I created Mulumu (name comes from how my closest people call me). The truth is, i am not sure what was it that urged me to create it, for me it comes so natural as something I love and can not imagine myself without it.

The feeling of someone wearing something I have created is the greatest joy and happiness for me.

 What else do you do professionally?

Last summer I completed my postgraduate studies entitled Art and Virtual Reality, which lasted two years. One year in Fine Arts in Athens and one year in Paris.Now, I am specialized in the production of video and animation.


What inspires you every time to create a new jewel?

 A dominant source of inspiration is the nature and the sense of calmness and simplicity that comes from there.

What message would you like to transfer to the other creators? What would you advise them?

My message is this:  Love what you create! And I would advise them to put only positive energy when they design their creations.

What was the best professional advice you have received so far?

 "You have to separate emotions from your business to be able to ask for what you deserve", I'm still working on it and I'm on my way.

Where you see yourself personally and professionally after 5 years? What would you like to have succeeded in?

I would like to see more women wearing my creations and more "eyes" to see what I create. I will not stop trying until I can do it.

How do you apply Greek Island Effortless Living to your life and business. How can women through the Mulumu experience this feeling?

I have chosen to live on an island because I believe the quality of life is much better there. Time, energy and landscape of the island can work and interact only in a positive way with us. Having chosen bright colors and a natural material, threads, as a raw material I want all  women who have chosen to wear my jewelry to experience that very energy:

The energy of color and naturality because to me every woman is naturally beautiful and has her own unique color!



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